Knife throwing

Here is a selection of my knife throwing YouTube videos.

Viking stuff!
Secret knife ritual!!
Love advice from a thrower to all.
Pinning a thrown cap fast draw.
Knife throwing bankshot card stick.

Adam Celadins – Vengance arrows.
Ambidextrous at small targets.
Throwing 3 knives in a bottlecap.
Turn, throw ambidextrous pinning card.
Walking away turn throw sticking a card.
3 cards with 3 throwing styles.
Great throwing knife and EDC all in one!
11 different cold steel throwers.
3 throwing styles with 5 different blades.
Killing monsters – knives, axe and spade.
Highest possible number.
3 knives in 3 small balls.
Knife VS shoe!
No spin throwing sticking four tricky aces!
Robin Hood throws twice in an axe.
Three knives in one bottle cap!
Robocop knife throwing – Dead or alive
Sticking a thrown can with a knife.
Throwing blindfolded.
Killing kidnapper without hurting hostage.
Assassin sniper killing no bodyguards.
God save the queen with two throws.
Corona pandemic – toilet roll challenge.
Trying new Russian throwing knives!
Throwing spade, axe, knife and minature.
Snooker knife thowing game – SNIFE.
Kraken – a classic knife throwing challenge.
Cutting of a pinned corner!
My first two years of knifethrowing.