My name is Marcus Pehart and I am a knife and axe thrower with my own YouTube and TikTok with my own brand name Soulthrower. I am among the top throwers in the world with many titles from both sides of the Atlantic. I also love teaching others to throw and have my own club in Arboga (Sweden) with over 80 members. I attend festivals and also arrange private events for compaines or closed groups. Here I teach you all my throwing skills.

To throw knives and axes is a wonderfull sensation. It’s only you the knife/axe and the target, is almost like meditation. For me this is soothing to my soul and that’s why I call myself SOULTHROWER.

I won my first medal in 2019 and started my YouTube channel where I teach people throwing. From that point things kind of escalated with a lot of success in competitions. In 2022 I started my TikTok channel that got successful over night.

Learn more about me by clicking the menu ”Who am I” or click ”Merits” to see my accomplishments. You can also listen to the interview with me on the Thunk Life Podcast Ep. 12 – Marcus Pehart.

If you are interested in learning knife/axe throwing I can do business events and/or teach sportsthrowing in Sweden (or if I can get to you wherever) or thru social media all over the world.

Throwing from 7 meters in the Italian national championship 2019.
Duel against my friend Stu at the world championship in England 2019.
Winning my first gold medal 2019 open class in the Italian national championship.